Vertical display for 10 rolls of Oilcloth with mechanical cutter incorporated, it rotates and is mounted on wheels for ease of mobility.

  • The rotating vertical unit displays 10 rolls of soft goods in a minimum space (80cm x 60cm) with great efficiency

  • The rotating system allows any displayed item to be positioned at the disposal of the built-in cutter

  • A cutter with a double guide, operated by a guidewire and powered by a counterweight that recovers its initial position, facilitating meterage service.

  • Each roll has its own rotating base to prevent friction and wear and tear on the ends of the reels, and thus maintaining the perfect condition of the material

  • The base is mounted on four wheels to facilitate the movement of the display anywhere within the store without sacrificing stability and these are hidden by a skirt

  • Detachable shafts facilitate the replacement of rolls by keeping them centered at all times, always keeping an orderly and professional look