IDEA EXPONENT S.L. has accumulated both commercial and industrial experience from more than 30 years of creating, designing and producing metalic displays for our clients, both standard and customized displays.


 IDEA EXPONENT is dedicated to the manufacture of carbon and stainless steel displays, taking full advantage of the material: high strength, long durability and great ductility, which allows for total flexibilty to all kinds of shape and size specifications.

IDEA EXPONENT is a company of the Serrallería Franch group, which combines experience and innovation in a great diversity of products and projects related to the metal fabrication industry.


We bring to all our products the guarantee of maximum control over the final finish, assembly and other services derived from real customer commitment, which allows us to distribute our products at both national and international level.



Ctra. de Barcelona, 184.
08187 Santa Eulalia de Ronçana Barcelona
Phone: 902 022 506 International: +34 938 448 010